Kakigori in Dubai: A Japanese Shaved Ice Sweet Treat

February 25, 2021

Kakigori in Dubai: A Japanese Shaved Ice Sweet Treat

What is a kakigori?

Kakigori is a traditional Japanese shaved ice dessert, flavored with countless fruit sauces like strawberry, melon, lemon, cherry, blue raspberry, Japanese citrus, sweet plum, and grape. With a less crunchy texture, kakigori is very soft, light and fluffy, and melts in the mouth like freshly fallen snow.

According to Hawaiian Airlines - kakigori grew in popularity from the seventh and ninth centuries A.D. To chill out, Japanese settlers in Hawaii used their tools to shave fragments off large blocks of ice, and then coated it with sugar or fruit extract.

Japanese shaved ice can be found wherever from yatai (street food sellers) at summer festivals to kakigori specialty shops. It’s not difficult to find—just look for a banners or sign with the Japanese character for ice (氷) in red and a picture of blue waves beneath it. Various restaurants, cafés, tea houses, and dessert shops also offer kakigori on their menu during the summer.

Kakigori in Dubai at Plain Desserts

Plain Desserts kakigori raises the bar higher and incorporates natural ingredients, no artificial flavoring or coloring.

After travelling the world to find the best recipes we are now in Dubai. It’s like nothing you have ever had before, this dessert is full of sweet surprises.



kakigori in dubai

 Acai Kakigori 

This kakigori has all the goodness of a Acai Bowl but all the great textures of a kakigori. The Acai ice is filled with our home made granola and fresh banana pieces and passionfruit sauce.

mango kakigori

Mango Kakigori

This Mango shaved ice is full of fresh mango flavor. Filled with mango pieces, mango cheesecake and delicious mango sauce. Everyone loves Mango!

strawberry kakigori

Strawberry Cheesecake Kakigori

This is the MUST try, our Strawberry Cheesecake Kakigori is full of real strawberry pieces, freshly made cheesecake and our very own strawberry sauce (made with REAL strawberries) it doesnt get any better than this!

chocolate kakigori

Chocolate Kakigori

Great for those chocolate lovers this Chocolate Kakigori is filled with chocolate crunchy pieces, fluffy cake & chocolate sauce .


Horlicks Kakigori

If you didnt have horlicks as a kid you missed out. This delicious malted milk flavored kakigori takes you back. Filled with horlicks sauce and fluffy cake pieces and crunchy pieces of horlicks

coconut kakigori

Coconut Kakigori

Tastes amazing and its Dairy Free, our Coconut Kakigori is full of coconut cake, delicious coconut cream sauce and coconut pieces.


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